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A busy start to the year despite lockdown

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Despite the ongoing lockdown restrictions – and so much having been postponed or cancelled – January has been a surprisingly busy month. To begin with I have been occupied with my own website, getting it up to scratch. The phrase “physician heal thyself” sprang to mind at the end of 2020 ... I have been so busy helping others I had neglected my own presence online. A painful admission but one I must own. Giving myself a sharp slap on the wrist in December I got to work. I’ve enjoyed it actually, it has been an opportunity to touch base with why I do what I do, and also to collaborate once again with the ever-brilliant Martyn Allen. Need a website created or updated? Speak to Martyn. He is a diamond! I have recommended him to so many people over the years and deservedly so.

Being engrossed in my own ‘messaging’ hasn’t meant neglecting mentoring, however. Not at all. Several sessions have graced this month. I cannot imagine my life without mentoring, it is a process I adore.

But the work didn’t stop there, I sat on the selection panel for this year’s Rising Stars at the New Ashgate Gallery and a joyous day was spent going through all the submissions, viewing beautiful work, recognising old friends and experiencing new and exciting creations. Hand on heart, I never tire of looking at what people make. The skill, the variety and the sheer ingenuity I witness on a daily basis, all are a constant inspiration.

In addition to Rising Stars, the Richard Seager Annual Arts Award (I am a panellist and I mentor the winner) is busily planning its project for this year, I am organising a talk for makers in Aberdeen through Flock Online (for a second time, I did my first talk for them last November) and I am in discussion about curating for various events later in 2021. Of course, I also long for my markets to reopen (Canopy Market, Battersea River Walk and Boulevard Market at Islington Square) but these, like everything else, are at the mercy of the ever-present Covid restrictions. My main objective in the short term is to continue building strong foundations for Making Goode, adding new threads to the fabric of my business connections, and continuing the work I love so much, particularly helping the making community to succeed.

It is, I have found, invigorating to reflect on a month that has passed, taking ownership of tasks realised, and recognising what still must be done. It puts a difficult time into perspective, acknowledging that despite the many hardships it has still been a period of positive change and development.

In conclusion then, a housebound, Covid-blighted January has not been the empty time I might have anticipated. It has inspired me to stay buoyant, to forge forward, to strengthen the connection with what I love – and the links with those I admire – and to plan for better times. I find myself, despite everything we have all endured, entering February with renewed energy, both for me and for those I can support. I cannot wait to see what Spring 2021 has to offer!

Dan Goode, portrait, mentor
Dan Goode, Mentor to artists, makers and designers

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