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Exhibiting with Making Goode

Curated by Dan Goode

“Curated by Dan Goode” has appeared at almost every Handmade in Britain show since 2016, and to date I have represented over 100 outstanding designer-makers.

“I worked with Dan at Handmade in Britain, Chelsea, and it was such a supportive and encouraging experience, Dan's feedback on my work was invaluable at the time and still is, and it's a very rare opportunity to take part in a retail show and be able to gain advice and feedback from curators/experts in the field simultaneously, ... Often, I think a lot of makers feel a bit lost with what they are presenting ... at shows, and a ten-minute chat with Dan at … Chelsea about what I was showing made more of a difference to me than weeks-/months-/years-worth of trying to figure stuff out by myself!! It's worth paying for the show just to get Dan's feedback on your showcase. He has also helped me continually since, with references for lecturing work and funding applications, and still is kind enough to give feedback on my work whenever I ask. So, the show is an investment in that relationship with him which is totally invaluable!”

Suzanna James, QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) Member



The premise is beautifully simple

I seek, and then approach, outstanding designer-makers with an opportunity to exhibit and sell at a high-end show with:

  • A reduced fee

  • No application process

  • My support throughout

  • A community of fellow makers who have been selected

  • Access to special rates for 1-2-1 mentoring


Why I do it

My work is driven by ‘voice’. A desire for makers to be seen and heard. Show curation fits this brief perfectly. I have the privilege of offering an opportunity to outstanding craftspeople from across the British Isles.

The benefits

There are many benefits of taking part in my curated areas in the Handmade in Britain shows.


With reduced-rate stands, my curated areas immediately make an event less risky, whilst allowing makers to benefit from exhibiting at some of the best shows in the country. My makers also have access to the extensive marketing campaigns run by Handmade in Britain for each show; a presence in the online catalogue; the option to do the Handmade in Britain virtual shows; the cachet of having been invited. In addition, those who take part with me get the special experience of doing an event as part of a supportive community.


Makers have the option of exhibiting with me twice at each show before embarking on a full-priced stand.

Want to take part in a future “Curated by Dan Goode”?

I welcome submissions from interested makers. If you would like to take part in “Curated by Dan Goode”, contact me at

Mentoring: About

If you want to work on your business then there is no time like the present.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your journey.

Call me on 07966 790 820 or send an email by clicking the button below.

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