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My approach is a direct result of years of working in the making industry as a talent scout, coach, mentor, speaker, curator, judge and writer. The services I offer here have all been created by listening to the needs of designer-makers, and larger creative businesses, and fashioning the practical tools to help them.


Inspired by makers and created for makers, my work is as personal and bespoke as a handmade piece.

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Making Matters

I believe the work of the designer-maker is not simply about beautiful objects, it’s about the person who makes them. It is the minds, hands and hearts that afford handmade work its weight, provenance, and its power to connect with human beings.


Working with Me

I am here as a guide, a support and a sounding board. Self-exploratory work of this kind takes courage, and a safe environment in which to explore. Before a maker embarks on any process it is essential they understand my approach and why this work is both necessary, and ultimately, transformative.

Benefits for Makers

Work of this nature has tangible benefits but not just for the designer-makers who embark upon it. The work has a similar effect on customers. When a maker speaks with clarity in every area of their business that is when they are really seen and heard.

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