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I have the good fortune to spend my time working directly with makers and I get to experience first-hand the beautiful things they produce.

It’s a privilege and a passion.


While I know why these people are special, I realise others may not know why they stand out to me, as someone who is permanently surrounded by handmade work. I decided therefore to share some of the amazing people I have met, explaining why I know them to be so outstanding. In the same way I share these talented men and women in my curated sections in shows, I want to share them online.


I hope you enjoy these snapshots into the lives and works of these amazing individuals. They are very often our unsung heroes, the backbone of UK making – practitioners, innovators and quiet and diligent voices – in an industry that is vibrant and rich and deserving of more attention.

Richard Shock


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James Faulkner



Amanda Cobbett


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