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Mentoring: About

If you want to work on your business then there is no time like the present.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your journey.

Call me on 07966 790 820 or send an email by clicking the button below.

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Presenting to groups is the most cost- and time-effective way of imparting knowledge. I have huge experience working both in person and online, from small groups in meeting rooms to giving presentations to large assemblies at the V&A and Ulster Museum. The introduction of online meeting providers has been a boon, allowing talks to be given without the associated extra costs.


1. Working with Dan as a speaker and session leader

I have provided bespoke talks and development sessions on a range of topics around identity, story, communication, best practice and building group identity in preparation for an exhibition for the likes of The Crafts Council, The Design Trust, The New Ashgate Gallery, Handmade in Britain, Derry Council, Craft Northern Ireland, Design Nation, Flock Arts, The Goldsmiths Centre and UKHandmade.


I’ve been a contributor in live discussion sessions singly, and in groups, for Arts Thread, The Design Trust, New Designers, The Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize, Handmade in Britain and Craft at Top Drawer. I am a judge for The New Ashgate Gallery, the Global Design Graduate Show and was a judge for the Richard Seager Arts Award from 2018-2022.


As a one-to-one mentor my services have been utilised by The Richard Seager Arts Award, the Crafts Council and The University of East Anglia.


My specialities:


‘Front of House’


The customer facing aspects of a creative person’s business: tone, feel, look; messaging; personality; authenticity; photography (product, lifestyle and associated imagery); and product descriptions.



“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.”

Galileo Galilei

This work explores the vital necessity of makers knowing why they do what they do, and the power of telling their story. If a maker can understand why they do what they do – what drives them – and then communicate this with honesty and authenticity, then they have the potential to have extraordinary reach. It is in sharing what moves and inspires them that a creative person can truly connect with another human being.


In this increasingly crowded world, communicating authentically, and with the highest standards, is the most effective way to build custom and recognition.


I am happy to be approached by businesses and organisations. I can provide pre-prepared talks, presentations and group sessions, or pen a bespoke* offering fitting your precise needs.



Online (extant talks, presentations, sessions)

  • 1-hour on Zoom: £200

  • 2-hour on Zoom: £250

  • Half-day on Zoom: £350

  • Full day on Zoom: £550

In person (extant talks, presentations, sessions)

  • 1-hour: £250

  • 2-hour: £300

  • Full morning: £400

  • Full day: £600

Dan can be contacted at


*Bespoke talks, presentations and sessions are costed around the time it takes to write them.

2. Working with Dan as a coach and mentor to improve design-led businesses

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek

Engaging customers on a personal, and emotional, level achieves the greatest results.

There is a palpable difference between selling a ‘product’ and communicating a reason to buy through ethos, shared beliefs and personal engagement. It is this latter approach that has the most instantaneous, and long-lasting, impact.


My approach, based on personality, story and direct communication, can benefit larger organisations needing to shake-up their messaging, particularly through their websites and written materials.


Not only can I guide you through the process, but I can provide copywriting, proofreading and editing skills to ensure your messaging is not only optimal, but more importantly sounds like you!


For more information about how Dan can help you, please email:

3. Beyond the world of making …

My work on a more personal approach online is branching out into other industries. With competition so fierce, businesses can no longer just sell ‘products’. Customers need to understand what it means to engage with a company, what a business stands for and how it aligns with their own outlook, concerns, inspirations and aspirations.


It is the wise business that taps this extraordinary potential.


If your business is in urgent need of the personal approach in its engagement with its customers, then I am happy to help you. Contact me at

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