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Amplifying Your Artistic Voice

Voice. Story. Connection. This is what my work is about. Helping makers, and larger creative businesses, to be seen and heard. I hold an unshakeable belief in the power of speaking authentically, and for creative people especially it can be transformative. Making Goode is about unlocking that potential.

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Exhibiting with Making Goode

An established part of my work involves curating a chosen group of makers for every event run by the outstanding Handmade in Britain. Curated by Dan Goode has been running since 2016 and to date has supported over 100 exceptional UK makers. If you would like to be considered for a show, or are simply interested in what it entails, discover more here ...

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What I Offer


Individuals and Small Businesses

A maker’s uniqueness is without doubt their superpower but locating, and then expressing, that uniqueness is challenging.


Whether it be writing a personal story, one-to-one coaching and mentoring, or delving more deeply into a maker’s identity with my “Maker self-discovery” process, I am here to support, to guide and to help people excel.

Practical Support for Makers

The way a maker presents themselves is as important as the work they produce. For makers who struggle with writing text, I provide a copywriting, editing and proofreading service to remove the stress of the written word. My services, which include full website appraisals, are designed to be easy, allowing makers to get on with what they love best: making!

Universities & Larger Organisations

My work transfers easily from the one-to-one setting to the group environment, both in-person and online. I offer cost-effective talks and sessions to help support makers at any stage in their careers, from the student embarking on a life of making to the well-established designer-maker seeking to reinvigorate their business and their general approach.

My Blog

My work is my passion and giving designer-makers a voice my mission. The many facets of what I do keep me very busy. Come and see what I am up to in the making world.

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The Maker Self-Discovery Process

I speak a lot about authenticity and the power of voice. While encouraging others, as I do, to embark on this process, I feel it is important I share my own experience with both. In this blog I detail my (ongoing) journey with authenticity and what the Maker Self-Discovery Process did for me.

Alex Brownless, Co-Founder, ArtsThread

“Dan is an excellent mentor and curator, with whom ArtsThread have worked on numerous occasions, whether alongside Handmade in Britain, V&A, Crafts Council, London Design Festival, New Designers and many other initiatives for the benefit of emerging artists/makers/designers. For the last decade we can sincerely say that we love Dan's passion and thoughtfulness; he gives everything for the benefit of others. It's clear that he wants all creatives to succeed.”

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