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The Making Goode Maker Brand Key

This process, devised by Dan Goode and Martyn Allen, encourages you to face those awful niggling questions, the ones that in time help you move forward with your business.

The Making Goode Maker Brand Key is completed by you but with help from Dan and Martyn.

On completion, the Making Goode Maker Brand Key is evaluated by Dan and Martyn and a plan formulated. From this point on you can take the information you have gleaned away with you or you can opt to continue working with Making Goode. The choice is always yours.

In our quest to help every maker we guide get the very best out of this process, we can direct you to other professionals, if they are needed, to help you succeed as a maker and as a business. If you need a photographer, a film-maker, an interior designer, further business advice then let us know. 


The Making Goode Menu


Is your logo working for you? Does it say what you want it to say to prospective customers and collaborators. 

Using the Making Goode Maker Brand Key as a key source, Martyn Allen will produce a new logo for your business, a logo based on you, on what you do and designed to appeal to the customers you wish to attract.

Tip from Dan: Your logo is your identity, it must immediately communicate to a viewer what you are about. It’s your company’s signature.


Promotional Materials (leaflets, business cards, brochures)

First impressions count! You must always present yourself to the best of your ability. Using your Making Goode Maker Brand Key as the source we can create effective promotional materials for your business, beautifully presented and beautifully printed.

  • How are these promotional materials useful?

They force a maker to be succinct and to scrutinise how they present themselves to the world. In a leaflet or business card you have a very small amount of space to tell your story, introduce yourself, show your work and reveal your potential. We can do this for you. Dan Goode, using his designer-making knowledge and considerable experience writing and editing, creates and shapes text that communicates your unique voice, while Martyn Allen can weave his magic using your existing photography, logo and unique style. Together we encapsulate what makes you special for your audience. 

Tip from Dan: This work is about helping you share your unique creative voice with the world


Website evaluation

There is little benefit in having great promotional materials if your website doesn’t show you at your very best. Remember: First Impressions Count!

Website evaluations are extremely useful. An outside eye is vital!

Dan Goode uses his extensive knowledge of the making world, from giving talks on this specific subject, sitting on professional advice panels, to curating shows to cast a critical eye over your web presence and what it is communicating about you and what you make. 

Martyn Allen brings his extensive brand and design knowledge to bear having worked with Kelly Hoppen, Seek & Adore and Home of Artisans to focus on the way a maker presents themselves, their story and their work on their website. Martyn is second to none when it comes to focussing on what is working and what is lacking visually.

Together Dan and Martyn can offer constructive criticism (there will be a link to a blog here) and advice and can also, between them. reinvigorate your website.

Tip from Dan: An evaluation is an expense but one that makes an eventual website reworking much more cost effective, highlighting as it does the areas that need attention. The evaluation also allows you to go away and do the work yourself should you wish to. All our processes are about empowering you. If you request a website evaluation it does not mean you are committed to Making Goode doing the website reworking.


Website reworking

Having completed a full website evaluation, Dan and Martyn can bring their combined talents to update your website so it works for you. Having completed the Making Goode Maker Brand Key and having produced promotional materials, tackling a website becomes much easier and more cost-effective, because there is a format to follow that you know works. 

A website reworking will look at the text, photography, blogs and film you employ, the story you tell – or don’t tell – and the quality of product photography and descriptions. It is also about ease of use and creating the right impression so you attract the opportunities you deserve. A website overhaul is about breaking down what you have and rebuilding it so your web presence is the perfect extension of you and your aspirations. It should reflect your personality in the virtual world.

Tip from Dan: You should always think of a website as your virtual introduction to the world. What does your web presence need to show, and what does it need to say, to ensure people who have never met you understand who you are and what you do.


The benefit of doing all this work on logo, promotional materials and your website?

You can be certain whenever someone encounters your work that you are giving the best impression possible and this is equally valid when you are applying for events or approaching galleries. 

Tip from Dan: A maker must ensure they are consistent at all times! Your logo, your promotional material, your website must all speak to each other and must all reflect your creativity, your professionalism and your aesthetic awareness. 


Fair stands

Having worked on your virtual presence and your promotional materials it is also important to scrutinise the way you present yourself when you are engaging face to face with customers. Once again are you show showing yourself to your best potential? Will someone seeing your stand, even if they don’t speak to you, understand what you do and why you do it? Will they understand the quality of your work? 

Do you as a maker communicate effectively when you are manning your stand?

All these elements are vital for success at fairs.

Tip from Dan: From my experience evaluating talent for websites and craft shows, the quality of a maker’s stand can be the difference between taking a designer-maker on and turning them down. It is the same for a customer buying work. It is crucial you show yourself at your best at all times.


By tackling your business’s core tenets, and by presenting yourself beautifully and more importantly consistently, you can be sure you are always putting your best foot forward and giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

If there is anything else that is worrying you and you would like to address please do not hesitate to let us know, if we cannot help you we can guide you to those individuals and organisations who can.